Hi, my name is Kevin.  I’m a 29 year old guy who lives in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  My biggest passions (in no particular order) are family, friends, adventure, travelling, the outdoors, endurance sports and helping others.  I live in a downtown apartment with my girlfriend Megan, and by all traditional measures, have a great life.


I’ve decided to start this blog to get my thoughts on living a more deliberate life out to the world.  More and more over the past while I have found myself feeling that my life, although quite successful and enjoyable, is moving along on autopilot and is missing something.  As I have become more aware to this, I decided it was time to take back control, make some changes, and see if I can make what by many standards is a great life, even better!

As mentioned above, I have a passion for helping others.  Agree with them or not, I believe that the thoughts, ideas and stories shared here will have the power to inspire others to make changes and improvements to their lives.  If nothing else they will spark discussion and provide entertainment!



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