30 Countries Memoirs – Austria

Country: Austria

First Visit: October 2013

Number of Times Visited: 1

Cities Visited: Vienna

Megan and I spent three nights in Vienna in October 2013 to see the sights and also to visit her cousins who live in the Vienna area.  Megan has two cousins around our age who live in Vienna and we went out with them a few times.  Their parents live in a small town about an hour outside of Vienna who we also had a chance to visit with.

Favorite Memory: On our last night we took the train out of Vienna to the small town where Megan’s cousins live for dinner with their family.  They live in a very nice house that looks very Austrian and they served us an excellent Austrian dinner.  Even though they all mostly spoke in German, I still thoroughly enjoyed the taste of authentic Austrian culture.

Other Highlights:

  • Vienna is a city filled with classic European Architecture, none more so than the sprawling Vienna palace complex. The seat of the Hapsburg Empire for many years, we did a tour inside the palace itself and also wandered around the massive gardens outside.  I can’t imagine the number of people who must have been employed to keep that place clean and tended to back in the day.
  • One of the nights we met up with Megan’s younger cousins and a few of their teaching friends at a small pub a few blocks from our hostel. The pub was built right into the brick arches under one of the metro train tracks and was just one of those unique places to have a few beers.
  • On our trip out to meet Megan’s family for dinner we had some time to kill so we took a few hours to check out a small castle in the countryside outside of Vienna (Liechtenstein Castle). We unfortunately weren’t there at a time that lined up with a tour of the castle, but we still were able to walk around the outside, and spent an hour or so relaxing in its shadow.
  • Although it didn’t quite top the hostel I stayed at in Florianopolis, Brazil, the hostel we stayed at in Vienna was almost as cool. It was decorated in a very cozy and welcoming fashion and the bed was very comfortable.  The most unique thing was the fact that the shower vented right out into the hallway by ways of a small hole in the wall near the roof, good thing I wasn’t singing!

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30 Countries Memoirs


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