30 Countries Memoirs – Slovakia

Country: Slovakia

First Visit: September 2013

Number of Times Visited: 1

Cities Visited: Bratislava

On the trip between Budapest and Vienna Megan and I made a one night stopover in Slovakia to add another country to the list and also to help me complete filling in my map of countries visited in that part of the world.

Favorite Memory: To get from Bratislava to Vienna Megan and I took a fast ferry (70 km/hr) which was a trip of roughly one hour and a half.  It was really cool to take a bigger river boat on the Danube and go from the centre of one capital to another in a short period of time.  The boat also shot up a huge wake which was pretty cool.

Other Highlights:

  • Wandering through the grounds of the Bratislava Castle which sits on a hill overlooking the city. It was late afternoon by the time we got there so there wasn’t the inside areas were closed, but the grounds and surrounding views were pretty good.
  • For dinner we went out to a local restaurant that the hostel recommended to dine on some Slovakian fare. It was a very hearty and filling meal consisting of potato dumplings, meat and cheese. We ordered a share platter which definitely could have fed three or four people.  It was a slow waddle back to the hostel that night!

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30 Countries Memoirs


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