30 Countries Memoirs – Croatia

Country: Croatia

First Visit: September 2013

Number of Times Visited: 1

Cities Visited: Dubrovnik

Megan and I spent three days in Dubrovnik at the start of our trip in 2013.  We rented a small apartment on the top floor of a building just outside of the old town walls.  We had a great view of the harbor and the old town, and with some awesome September weather had a great time there.

Favorite Memory: The Old Town of Dubrovnik is built on cliffs overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and has walls that are over ten feet thick.  There is a patio/bar built into the cliffs called Buza Bar overlooking the sea which you get to by going through a small hole in the wall.  We enjoyed two sunsets from that bar, and it was a phenomenal place to watch a sunset and enjoy a beer!

Other Highlights:

  • We did a day trip boat cruise to a few of the surrounding islands, which were sparsely populated. Walking through the sun drenched streets was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, as was sitting on the top deck of the boat watching the coastline drift by.  Someday I would love to go back to that area and go on a multi-day sailing trip.
  • You can do a walk around the whole circumference of the town on top of the wall which provides some awesome views of the red roofed buildings and surrounding coast line. It was lots of stairs and climbing, but well worth it.  Considering the shelling that went on around Dubrovnik during the Balkan Wars the old town remains remarkably well preserved.
  • On our last morning in Dubrovnik we went on a guided sea kayak tour around the walls of the old town, out and around some small islands and into some sea caves. While going around the end of one of the islands we were surprised to pass a nude beach where a number of old men were sunning themselves with absolutely no shame.  Would have been nice to have a bit of a warning about that!

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30 Countries Memoirs


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