30 Countries Memoirs – Argentina

Country: Argentina

First Visit: November 2011

Number of Times Visited: 1

Cities Visited: Buenos Aires

Favorite Memory: Although the only major city we visited in Argentina was Buenos Aires, we did first set foot in the country on a day trip to the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls.  Although we were staying on the Brazilian side of the falls, which were amazing in of themselves, I thought the Argentinian Side was even more spectacular.

Other Highlights:

  • Another top highlight of our time in Buenos Aires was the day we took in an Argentina/Bolivia World Cup Qualifier, and the adventure wasn’t all in the game itself, although that was super cool to experience as a sports fan. This trip involved:

– Buying the tickets from our hostel, which seemed legitimate enough, but it turned out they were just buying them from scalpers, and the scalpers didn’t have quite enough for our group. Upon arrival at the stadium, Alex, Tyler and I had to go off with this random scalper and sit in a parked school bus with him while he wheeled and dealed on the phone to get us tickets.  It was highly sketchy to say the least, but ultimately he got some tickets and we were set free.

– Due to the ticket confusion, we barely made it into the stadium before the opening kickoff. As a result we got to experience a mad crush of soccer crazed fans trying to get into the stadium through a very small great, and almost got trampled in the process.

– Once in the stadium it was all good, the game was surprisingly balanced and ended in a 1-1 draw, complete with fans setting flares off in the stands and the Bolivian fans being kept in a completely segregated area that was separated from the rest of the stadium by barbed wire fence! They do not mess around with the chance of brawls, they also didn’t sell alcohol in the stadium.

  • We saw a good number of sites in central Buenos Aires including Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Catedral Metropolitana, La Recoleta Cemetery and the Obelisk.
  • When we took a tour of the Casa Rosada, which was all in Spanish, Calgary Mayor’s Naheed Nenshi’s long lost twin brother was our tour guide, which was pretty cool. Although his English was surprisingly poor for someone who grew up in Calgary (Sarcasm).

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30 Countries Memoirs


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