30 Countries Memoirs – Uruguay

Country: Uruguay

First Visit: November 2011

Number of Times Visited: 1

Cities Visited: Punta del Este, Montevideo

Uruguay is a small country on the Atlantic coast between Brazil and Argentina.  We chose to stop for a few days there on our trip because we had heard that Punta del Este is quite a party town.  It turns out we were a few months early, and it was basically a ghost town completely devoid of tourists.  We adjusted our plans and still managed to have a decent time.

Favorite Memory: Walking around Punta del Este upon arrival trying to find a bank that was open and also see some signs of life.  It was a Monday afternoon and a little bit cool and blustry.  We must have walked by half a dozen closed banks before we finally found one with an ATM that would accept our cards to get some cash.

Other Highlights:

  • Uruguay was my first experience with a badly devalued currency. The exchange rate when we were there was about 20:1 so the $200 Canadian I had was worth about $4,000 Uruguayan Pesos.
  • We hadn’t originally planned to stay in Montevideo, the capital, but found a hostel to spend a night in after Punta del Este turned out to be a bust. The main square where we stayed had a wide range of architecture including some large soviet style buildings which were fairly different than anything I had seen previously.
  • Montevideo was also the place I lost my favorite jacket. We were out at a bar one night and I accidentally left it behind.  When we returned the following morning it was gone, RIP my jacket.  It had been a lasting symbol of my fashion modernization I had gone through a few years ago when a few girls I worked with had taken me shopping to update my wardrobe.

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30 Countries Memoirs


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