30 Countries Memoirs – Germany

Country: Germany

First Visit: May 2007

Number of Times Visited: 3 (2007, 2012, 2013)

Cities Visited: Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt

Along with England, Germany is a country I have spent time in on each of the three trips I have taken to Europe so far.  As a whole, it is one of my favorite countries that I have visited.  The people are friendly, the cities are efficient and modern, and of course the beer is world class!

Favorite Memory: The last stop on Megan and I’s seven country Europe trip in the fall of 2013 was Munich for a weekend of Oktoberfest partying.  Visiting Oktoberfest had always been on my bucket list, and I had previously tried to go in 2010, but that trip fell through.  Although it was an expensive weekend ($300 CAD per night for a 2-person hostel room), it was totally worth it.  Whether it was spending the evening at the Augustiner Beer Hall drinking with some local guys, or spending the day drinking 1L Stein’s (I had five) in the Schottenhamel Beer Tent on the Oktoberfest Grounds, the weekend was full of fun, beer and schnitzel.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of beer and big parties, and I will definitely be going back some day!

Other Highlights:

  • Celebrating my 22nd birthday by doing a beer hall crawl on a one night stop in Munich back in 2007. I’m a little hazy on the specifics of that night, but I remember being very amazed waking up hangover free after my first real night of drinking German beer.  I could have done without being woken up around 6am the following morning by a random couple fooling around on the bottom bunk of the bed I was sleeping in though, oh the joys of large hostel rooms!
  • Taking in a Euro Cup 2012 Quarter Final game on the TVs in the hostel I stayed in on an overnight in Frankfurt on my way home from Poland in June 2012. I made friends with my Iranian roommate and watched the game with a roomful of travellers, a quintessential travel experience!
  • Waking up alone in a six person hostel room in Berlin back in 2007. Neither of my travel companions made it back to the room that night, and our roommate actually moved out the day before because we were too much for her to handle.  It was nice to have some peace and quiet after weeks of noisy hostel rooms.  Tom and Alex did make it back that morning in time for our walking tour of Berlin though!
  • Walking through the quiet streets of Frankfurt and along the shores of the Main River on a Sunday morning before catching my flight back to Calgary. It was a beautiful, peaceful morning, and sitting on a bench along the river was just such a relaxing experience, and everyone I saw was very laid back.  It was then that I decided that someday I want to spend an extended period of time living in Europe to experience a different lifestyle.


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