30 Countries Memoirs – Greece

Country: Greece

First Visit: May 2007

Number of Times Visited: 1

Cities Visited: Corfu, Athens

Favorite Memory: Sightseeing in Athens had to take the cake.  I was actually more impressed with the ancient sites in Athens than I was with those in Rome.  Athens is a large, crowded and somewhat dirty city, but the sites are still something to behold.  It would have been even more impressive if it not for the smog that blanketed the city for the days we were there.

Other Highlights:

  • Staying at the Pink Palace, which was a backpacker party hostel on Corfu. It was basically a constant party, and although we were exhausted once we left, it was one of those quintessential backpacking experiences.
  • One night Alex and Tom got into a bit of a fight in our room, Alex decided to lock Tom in the bathroom by blocking the bathroom door in our room with a dresser. Tom was not impressed and proceeded to break his way out by breaking the door off via a body check or two.  That little incident set those guys back €150!
  • Touring the Island of Corfu on Quads, going through some cool little towns and also taking in the amazing island and coastal views.
  • Taking an all-day booze cruise from Corfu that involved some cliff jumping, snorkelling and partying on a boat. The day was capped off with a 100m swim into shore from the boat when we got back because the sea was too choppy for it to anchor.  A group of drunk young adults swimming in rough seas, probably not the best idea in hindsight, but we all survived!
  • On the above mentioned booze cruise we made friends with a couple of girls from Calgary. Turns out one of whom had played soccer with my sister Janine, and another who was the sister of a girl I went to High School with!
  • We took an overnight bus from Corfu into Athens, and in the middle of the night at a rural rest-stop I got to experience my first bathroom that just consisted of a hole in the ground with not even a seat.

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