30 Countries Memoirs – France

Country: France

First Visit: May 2007

Number of Times Visited: 1

Cities Visited: Paris, Toulouse, Bayeux

Favorite Memory: Upon arriving in Paris, we quickly befriended four Australian girls, Maggie, Justine, Sophie and Shelley who we then spent much of our time sightseeing and drinking cheap red wine in the hostel with.  We have since visited the Aussie’s when we went to Australia in 2009 and have been fortunate to have Maggie and Justine both come through Calgary multiple times in the past few years.

Other Highlights:

  • Seeing the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night, something anyone should do if they have the choice. The other sites around Paris such as Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe were pretty cool as well.  I sold myself to our Australian Friends as an expert navigator, and for the most part I succeeded, although I did make a few wrong turns along the way.
  • Touring the Louvre, although it true what they say, the Mona Lisa is much smaller than you would think!
  • Making some great travelling friends while downing €3 bottles of Red Wine. We had some of the best nights of our trip in the hostel kitchen in Paris partying it up.
  • We were actually in Paris when Nicolas Sarkozy was elected President of France in 2007. Alex and I stayed in the hostel the night it was announced, but Tom went out and saw some of the riots that went down as it was quite a divisive result.
  • Visiting the Memorial at Vimy Ridge on a damp and rainy day. Really provided a perspective to what the soldiers who fought there in WWI would have had to live through day in and day out.  An important site for any Canadian who has the opportunity to visit.
  • Touring the battle sites and cemeteries of Juno Beach and the Normandy Coast.  Standing on a sunny and warm beach it was hard to imagine the horrors that hundreds of thousands of soldiers went through in the initial offensive to win back Europe.  However, I am very glad I got the opportunity to pay my respects to my fellow Canadians who did not make it.

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30 Countries Memoirs


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