30 Countries Memoirs – England

Country: England

First Visit: April 2007

Number of Times Visited: 3

Cities Visited: London

Favorite Memory: Would have to be arriving in England in late April, 2007, with Alex and Tom to start our post university trip around Western Europe.  That was my first time outside of North America and it marked the beginning of a truly once in a lifetime adventure with two of my best friends.  During our three days in London we saw the major sites, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and the Tower of London.  It marked an excellent start to an awesome trip!

Other Highlights:

  • Not really a highlight, but London 2007 also marked my introduction to European Hostels. The building we stayed in was nice enough, but sharing a room with 15 other dudes was not a pleasant experience.  Between the noises and the smells, it was rather unpleasant.
  • Touring Westminster Abbey was well worth the £7 price of admission.  Just seeing the artwork in there, plus the tombs of so many former monarchs, famous scientists and other notable historical figures was really cool.
  • Taking the Eurostar through the Chunnel Tunnel under the English Channel from London to Paris in just under three hours. That was my first Europe Train experience and it was definitely a cool one!
  • Having a seven hour layover in June 2012 on my way to Budapest, which left me just enough time to hop the Gatwick Express into central London and spend a few hours wandering around the major sites. It was cool to see the preparations that were already underway for the Olympics which began about six weeks later.
  • Stopping over for one night in 2013 with Megan on our way to Eastern Europe. Meeting up with a travelling friend named Graham for beers along the Thames, riding the London Eye, sight-seeing.

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30 Countries Memoirs


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