30 Countries Memoirs – Cuba

Country: Cuba

First Visit: February 2007

Number of Times Visited: 1

Cities Visited: Varadero, Havana

Favorite Memory: My trip to Cuba was with two of my best friends, Randy & Colin, on Reading Week, 2007, which for me was my last year of University.  This trip was also about one month after I got my braces taken off, so it was a celebration of my new found self confidence and look!  It was very interesting to go somewhere that was so cut off from the rest of the world, particularly the US influence, and we also had a great time!  There was definitely a much higher concentration of Europeans there, and no Americans, than in a place like Mexico.

Other Highlights:

  • Learning to say “cómo se dice” in Spanish, which means “How do you say” from friends we made from Chile.  I then proceeded do say “cómo se dice, cómo se dice?” over and over again, which basically means “How do you say, how do you say?”
  • Doing a day trip into Havana and seeing all of the colonial architecture (I had not yet been to Europe), as well as the cars and vehicles from the 1950s from before the US embargo began.
  • At this time I was drinking more hard liquor than beer, and the drink of choice in Cuba was a Rum Punch.  After a few too many of those, came the original appearance of “Pirate Eyed Kevin”, where I close one eye in order to see straight.  That is a tactic that has lived on, and is a now a telltale sign for when I should stop drinking!
  • Going on a snorkeling trip which included swimming with Dolphins and getting chewed out by Colin for drinking before noon.  Randy and I saw absolutely nothing wrong with drinking at 11am!
  • Not one of my finer moments, but I was talking hockey with some guys from Toronto, who were all about how awesome the Maple Leafs are.  I may have had a few drinks at this point, but I capitulated and agreed with them, saying the Maple Leafs were the best team in the NHL.

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