30 Countries Memoirs – USA

Country: United States

First Visit: 1988

Number of Times Visited: 21

States Visited: 12 (Wyoming, Montana, California, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Louisiana, Hawaii, Illinois) I have flown through Minnesota and Utah, but those don’t count as I didn’t leave the airports.

Cities Visited: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Miami, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Maui, and Chicago.

Given its close proximity to Canada, it should come as no surprise that the United States is my most visited country.  Last year, I made 4 separate trips alone!  I have been fortunate to visit many of the major cities across (12) states.  With flights to the US often cheaper than flights within Canada I anticipate many more visits to our neighbors to the south over the coming years.

Favorite Memory: Every trip to the US has had some highlights so it is really hard to pick a favorite.  However, in the spirit of the memoirs I will go with the 2011 Bachelor party I went on to New Orleans along with eight other guys.  It was a weekend of drinking, live music, shooting guns and other bachelor party activities, and it is definitely one I will never forget!

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Other Highlights:

  • On a family trip up the pacific coast of California, Oregon & Washington in 2001 we were crossing the border to come back into Canada, and the border guard leaned in the car and asked my sister “is your name Janine?” to which she replied: “I think so?”. That sure went over well.
  • On another road trip down to the US, this one in 2009 with Alex and Colin, we were stopped for a secondary search going into the US on suspicion of what can only be assumed to be drug smuggling (we were of course innocent). The fact that we were three 24 year old guys probably was their primary reason, but Colin being super nervous when the border guard came to talk to us probably didn’t help.  We had to wait in the office, and they had their bathrooms locked to the public (to prevent us from flushing anything) while they searched the whole van.  After 20 minutes or so we were free to go!
  • I visited Hawaii for the first time in March 2014 when I went for a week to Maui with Megan, Tom, CJ, Grace and Robin, and definitely fell in love with that island paradise. Between the snorkelling, surfing, helicopter rides, and relaxing it was a fantastic trip.  I love tropical vacations and after a few bad stomach bugs in Latin America, likely caused by water standards that aren’t quite as high as I am accustomed to, it was nice to not have to worry about that.  As long as you don’t mind the 6-7 hour flight to get there, Hawaii is definitely worth a trip!
  • My buddy Shane and I took a week-long trip down to southern California back in 2010. The whole week was great, I think a classic example of that trip was the fact that we went to Disneyland one day and then an Adult Entertainment expo the next, quite a contrast!
  • The ultimate sports fan weekend, for another bachelor party, to Chicago in September last year. Over the weekend we took in a ball game at the iconic Wrigley Field and then the season opener for the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.  The home team didn’t win either game, but both were still amazing experiences, as was the whole weekend!
  • My 25th birthday weekend in Vegas was a pretty fond memory.  Between driving a NASCAR at over 150mph, partying in a giant pool with hundreds of other people, and winning a little money at the blackjack tables it was a blast.  My other two trips to Vegas were also quite fun, including getting hypnotized and seeing the Cirque du Soleil show “O” back in 2008 and seeing Dennis Rodman at our hotel pool and some awesome David Copperfield tricks when I went last year!

30 Countries Memoirs


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