One Month Challenge #8 – Daily Writing

After a thoroughly challenging March month of vegetarianism, I have decided to make my April challenge something a little easier, but also practical.  For April I am going to dedicate myself to writing a minimum of thirty minutes per day.

I’ve been blogging now for about a year and a half off and on, and I really want to get more of a weekly posting habit going with a lot more original content instead of just my monthly challenges at the start and end of each month.  I have also been thinking about writing an e-book on the power of habit changes.

As I prepare for my upcoming trip to Scandinavia and the completion of my 30 countries by my 30th birthday goal, I am writing a set of travel memoirs which will consist of one blog post per country I have visited.  These will be released over the course of May leading up to the big day on May 30th and will highlight some of my favorite memories and moments of my travels.

I am hoping that by focusing on spending 30 minutes writing per day I can develop this habit as part of my daily routine going forward.  I’ll use this writing time this month to get all of my travel posts written, work on my e-book and also do some writing for my new website which I will be launching at the end of June.


  • Spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day writing.
  • This must be writing related to my personal projects, and cannot include writing I do at work.
  • I cannot “pre-write” by writing an hour one day to be able to skip the next day.

Expected Outcome

I don’t think I will get 100% on this challenge, heck it is April 3 and I already missed writing yesterday.  That said, I am aiming to get over 90% of the days completed on this challenge.  This coming weekend will be difficult as I am going on a road trip to Edmonton and won’t have very much downtime from early Saturday morning until late Sunday night.

Generally I find that once I force myself to sit down and start writing, I can get in the zone pretty quickly and the words just begin to flow.  I believe that by doing this daily writing challenge I will be able to better ingrain the writing habit into my daily life going forward.


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