Take a Minute Tuesday – Plan a Vacation

In our increasingly fast paced world it seems like we never have enough time to spend with those we love or to get the important things done.  I’ve found that when I stop thinking and procrastinating and instead start acting, even for a few minutes, I get much more accomplished than I otherwise would have.  What a concept eh?

This is why I have created “Take a Minute Tuesdays” here as a regular feature on Kevin’s Corner, to give myself and you readers a small weekly dose of an action you can take to enhance your life or the lives of those around you.

Take a minute to plan a vacation

We all need to escape from time to time, and what better to get away from it all than by taking a vacation?  I think many people get caught up in the daily grind that they lose sight of the importance of taking regular breaks and getting away.  Did you know that Japan recently introduced a law that requires people to use their vacation?  How sad is it that such a thing has to be legislated?  Crazy!

So today I challenge you to take a few minutes and think about your next vacation.  Where are you going to do go?  When are you going?  What are you looking forward to doing while you’re there?  It could be a weekend trip to the mountains or a month long journey through Europe, it doesn’t matter!  I find when I am in a bit of a funk that just thinking about my next vacation and all the fun it will be gets the energy flowing again.  Hopefully it works for you as well!

Have a great Tuesday!



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