Take a Minute Tuesday – Jan 20, 2015

In our increasingly fast paced world it seems like we never have enough time to spend with those we love or to get the important things done.  I’ve found that when I stop thinking and procrastinating and instead start acting, even for a few minutes, I get much more accomplished than I otherwise would have.  What a concept eh?

This is why I have created “Take a Minute Tuesdays” here as a regular feature on Kevin’s Corner, to give myself and you readers a small weekly dose of an action you can take to enhance your life or the lives of those around you.

Take a minute to tell someone you Love them

On Thursday this week my girlfriend Megan and I will be celebrating four years since we first started dating.  Hard to believe how the time flies by!  In celebration of that milestone, I thought I would make this week’s Take a Minute Tuesday post about the importance of sharing your love.

In the fast paced world we live in, too often we take our relationships for granted, and don’t express our feelings to those close to us often enough.  Whether it be a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, aunt, sibling, grand parent or even a close friend, it is important to tell those people how important they are to us, and what better way than saying “I Love You”!

So this week I challenge you to tell someone you love them, and really mean it.  It isn’t the easiest thing for many people to say, but I guarantee it will feel good!  I do it every day with Megan, and it is certainly one of the key reasons we have such a healthy and strong relationship.

Have a great Tuesday!


One thought on “Take a Minute Tuesday – Jan 20, 2015

  1. Congrats you two! Pam and I celebrate three anniversaries each year. Our going out anniv Jan 25 – 35 yrs on Sunday, our engagement on June 1 – 33 yrs in 2015 and our wedding anniv Sept 11 – 33 yrs this fall….yup 9/11. What a day. Lol.


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