One Month Challenge #5 – No Added Sugar

I’m not sure about all of you, but one of my favorite things about the holiday season is all of the food and sugary treats.  I certainly enjoyed in that pleasure many times over the holiday season this year!  As a result, I’ve decided to go on a sugar diet for January and make this month’s challenge to not eat anything with added sugar.

I normally eat quite healthy and generally don’t buy any cookies or other dessert foods from the grocery store.  The challenge will be when out at family dinners or other events where dessert is served.  I love my desserts, so saying no thanks to those items will definitely take some will power!  However, this is one of the reason I share my challenges on this blog – so others can help keep me accountable!


This challenge is fairly straight forward, for the month of January I can’t knowingly eat any food that contains added sugar.  This includes:

  • Desserts
  • Snacks, cookies, granola bars, etc.
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Other sweet foods high in sugar content

There are a few exemptions to this list, which are things that although they may include some sugar, they are also staples of my diet and I don’t really view them as unhealthy:

  • Healthy Cereal (Cheerios, Raisin Bran)
  • Whole Grain Bread and Pasta

Expected Outcome

The first few times I have to pass or walk by the dessert table will definitely be a challenge, but I think after a week or two it won’t be that tough.  I will have to modify my snacks a little bit to remove the granola bars and trail mix with smarties that I typically eat, but that shouldn’t be hard to do!

This challenge isn’t really about weight loss for me, I’m currently tipping the scales at a healthy 174lbs, and I don’t expect to lose much more than a few pounds as a result of this challenge.  I do hope to adopt a few more healthy snacking habits, and tame that sugar craving that typically hits me after lunch and dinner.


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