Take a Minute Tuesday – Oct 28, 2014

In our increasingly fast paced world it seems like we never have enough time to spend with those we love or to get the important things done.  I’ve found that when I stop thinking and procrastinating and instead start acting, even for a few minutes, I get much more accomplished than I otherwise would have.  What a concept eh?

This is why I have decided to start “Take a Minute Tuesdays” here as a regular feature on Kevin’s Corner, to give myself and you readers a small weekly dose of an action you can take to enhance your life or the lives of those around you.


Take a minute to cross something off your to-do list

Pick something, anything, from your to-do list, and do it, right now!  It could be something as simple as responding to that email, or returning that call, it doesn’t matter, just do it!  Don’t go read another news article, play another round of candy crush, or read another of my posts.  Pick something from your to-do list and do it, RIGHT NOW!

Have you done it yet?  Good!  Didn’t that feel good?  And it probably only took a minute or two!

If you want to get more advanced, go knock a few other quick things of the list, you will feel much better, I promise!

Have a great Tuesday!


One thought on “Take a Minute Tuesday – Oct 28, 2014

  1. Good call Kevin! I have been thinking all day that I should’ve done something this morning that I did not do. It has bothered me all day; been just “that little itch I couldn’t scratch”. I read your blog, told my woman off, and with a very quick swoop, while nobody was looking, scratched my butt. I really have to learn to wipe better. Damn you Downy for failing me again! I should know anything with a bear on it is the enemy of America as my man Colbert says.


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