No Alcohol Challenge – Update #1

Here we are, two thirds of the way through October, and I have managed to avoid consuming any alcohol.  It really hasn’t been that tough, although I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a single time I didn’t think about having a beer or a glass of wine.

The hardest night so far as predicted was the Oktoberfest event I went to last weekend.  It’s a celebration of food and beer, how can you not be tempted to drink?  I managed to do it by going for the non-alcoholic variety instead (non-alcoholic Becks is actually not that bad) and drinking lots of soda water.  Once I made it through the cocktail hour and dinner the desire to join in the drinking diminished and it was clear sailing the rest of the night.

My weekends the rest of the month have been pretty busy, so there have only been two nights so far when I was out in a bar, and both times for not that long.  I did have to endure a little ribbing from my friends, and the bartender in one case, but I stuck to my guns and was able to still have a good time without joining in the drinking.

Health wise I’m definitely sleeping better on the weekends and waking up feeling more rested.  The simple fact of not wanting to sit in a loud bar totally sober until midnight or one am lets me get more sleep on the weekend.  In a typical month I’ll have one or two Saturday’s where I don’t feel like doing much for the first half of the day due to the after effects of knocking a few back, not this month.  Instead, I’ve been up by 8am and productive all morning, which has been quite enjoyable.

Come November 1, I won’t be swearing off drinking for good, but I will be practicing a little more moderation.  Going forward I think I will more often follow the adage of nothing good happens after 11pm or midnight, and instead of staying the bar for another drink or two, head home and get a little more sleep.

Ten days to go and I’m certain I’ll make it through this challenge without any problems.  However, I will say if I’m still out celebrating Halloween at midnight on October 31, I will probably indulge in a celebratory drink or two!


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