One Month Challenge #2 – No Alcohol

For the one month challenge for October, I have decided to go without drinking any alcohol.  Why might I do this you ask?

I am by no means an alcoholic or even that heavy of a drinker; however, a very common activity within my group of friends is to head out to the bar on a Friday or Saturday night and pass the hours socializing while consuming multiple drinks.  Since I now live downtown and rarely have to drive, it is very easy to have a few more than originally planned.  I am noticing as I get closer and closer to 30, I am feeling the after effects of drinking more and more, and I really do not like to have a valuable weekend day basically wiped out by a hangover.

I rarely drink much aside from an occasional beer or glass of wine during the week, so where this challenge will really have an impact on my normal routine will be on the weekends.  There are a total of nine weekend nights in October (10 if you count the Sunday on the Thanksgiving Weekend) that I will have to make alcohol free.  In no way do I need alcohol to have fun, so I have no doubt I will find activities to fill that time with, and hopefully I can convince a few of my friends to join me!

My friends and I often talk about doing other things on the weekend instead of going to the bar, but we rarely take the initiative to do so, aside from going to Stamps games, comedy clubs or the casino, which often involve drinking as well.  This challenge will force me to plan some other activities that will be fun for everyone but are not centred on alcohol consumption.


It can’t get much simpler than this: From October 1-31 I will not drink any alcohol.

Expected Outcome

I’m hoping this challenge doesn’t have too big of an impact on my social life.  I will still go hang out with my friends, but I will suggest other activities than just going to the bar.  I’m sure there will still be a few bar nights, and that’s fine, I’ll just enjoy soda water and/or non-alcoholic beer instead.  The two toughest nights will probably be an Oktoberfest party I am going to on Saturday, October 18 (who doesn’t like German beer?) and Halloween on Friday, October 31.

I am almost certain this challenge won’t lead me to swearing off alcohol for good, as I do really enjoy a nice cold beer or two from time to time.  However, I think I may find going forward I’m not spending quite as many weekend nights hanging out in a bar drinking beer.


3 thoughts on “One Month Challenge #2 – No Alcohol

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