One Month Challenge #1 – No TV

For the first one month challenge Megan and I have decided to go without TV for the month of September.  I’m not too bad for TV watching, but I do know I watch more than I should, and I figured with September being the month when new shows and seasons start, it would be a good time to go without.

Statistics are hard to find, but according to the Television Bureau of Canada, the average Canadian adult watches close to 30 hours of TV per week. That works out to a little over four hours per day, over the course of a year that would work out to 1,560 or 65 days’ worth of TV, crazy!  I personally think this statistic is rather on the high side, but even if the average is half of that, that’s still 780 hours per year!  Just think what else you could do with that time!

Over the summer with so much to do I haven’t been watching too much TV, but when the weather changes in the fall traditionally my viewing time increases with the return of scripted TV, NFL football and hockey.  Thinking back to last fall, this is what I would typically watch over the course of a week:

  • How I met Your Mother (30 min)
  • New Girl (30 min)
  • Modern Family (30 min)
  • Glee (60 min)
  • Big Bang Theory (30 min)
  • Two and a Half Men (30 min)
  • Amazing Race (60 min)
  • Football/Hockey (5 hours)
  • Netflix/Movies/Other (2 hours)

That totals up to 11.5 hours per week.

We all know that time is something we can’t get more of.  One of the main goals of living a more deliberate life is to get more of my time back for activities I truly enjoy and that enrich my life.  When you think about it, watching TV is something that consumes a large chunk of our time.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some great TV shows, movies and documentaries out there that provide great entertainment; however, like my mom always says, “Everything in moderation”.


This challenge is pretty simple, from September 1-30 I will not watch any TV, which includes traditional TV, online, movies, etc., and this also applies when I am at family or friends houses.

Expected Outcome

I don’t think I will be throwing out my TV at the end of September and never watching TV again, like I said above, there is definitely entertainment value in moderation.  Megan and I have been talking about cancelling our cable for the past few months, and I won’t be too surprised to see us go through with that once this challenge is over (or maybe sooner to save the money).  I think I will probably read much more than I typically do, and also exercise more.  I’ll be sure to post regular updates on how the challenge is going.

Note – The point of these challenges are for me to experiment and shake up the routine a bit to see what kinds of changes I might want to make in my life going forward.  Please note that me doing these experiments is in no way a judgement on how anyone else lives their life.  I am strictly doing this for my development, and am sharing the results for anyone who is interested.


2 thoughts on “One Month Challenge #1 – No TV

  1. Good for you! You won’t regret cancelling cable. We haven’t had cable for 5 years now and have no intention of getting it. It costs to much, and we spent to much time channel surfing because there is usually nothing good to watch anyway! Any shows that we actually want to see we can find on netflix or on the internet. And you have the added bonus of being able to watch your favourite show whenever you feel like it! (Without commercials!)
    Good luck with your challenge!


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